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Your UNM affiliation (faculty, staff, or student) gives you access to the URL shortener. You will be prompted to login with your NetID and password.

Why shorten a URL?

  • Customized domain identifies UNM affiliation.
  • Shorter URLs are easier to share on social media.
  • Shorter URLs are more appealing in print media.
  • Reduce typically long URLs to more concise links.
  • Customized URLs are easier to remember than most default URLs.

From >
To >

From >
To >

From >
To >

How to use gotodev.unm

  1. Login here.
  2. Enter the URL for the site. (ex., a_id/7345/)
  3. Enter the Custom short URL you've selected, similar to replacing the filename without the html extension (ex., skype-info). The name should be entered using lowercase letters and a relevant description of the contents.
  4. Click Shorten The URL. The shortened URL will be created
    (ex., If your name choice is already in use, try another.

Bonus! Create a QR Code.

After you've created a shortened URL, just type it into your favorite browser and add .qr (ex.,, the QR code will appear, then right-click to save.

If you have a question, or have a UNM domain to add to the shortener, go to, or phone 277-5757, and open a service request.